Act Now to Support Leuser Ecosystem Protections

In rare good news from Indonesia’s rainforests, the newly elected Governor of Aceh, Irwandi Yusuf, has extended a moratorium on mining and palm oil expansion permits in the Leuser Ecosystem! This act is a fulfillment of one part of Governor Yusuf’s’s promise to enact a “Green Vision” for the province where a majority of the Leuser Ecosystem can be found.

This plan would secure critical protections for the Leuser Ecosystem, including its recognition in the Aceh’s land use plan as well as cancellation of destructive mega infrastructure projects. If enacted, the Green Vision for Aceh would set forth necessary political actions to protect the Leuser Ecosystem for future generations.

But Governor Irwandi faces many challenges and opponents to his plan, especially corporate interests who want to continue business as usual by profiteering off the destruction of the Leuser Ecosystem.

Add your voice now – sign the letter to say thank you and support Aceh Governor, Irwandi Yusuf’s Green Vision for the protection of the Leuser Ecosystem.

Petition Text

Dear Governor Irwandi Yusuf,

As a global citizen concerned about the fate of the Leuser Ecosystem, I am writing to say thank you for showing true conservation leadership by enforcing and extending the moratorium on mining and palm oil expansion in the precious Leuser Ecosystem. I would like to express my support for your Green Vision for the province of Aceh. The International community is hopeful your future leadership will help save the Leuser Ecosystem from further destruction.

As you know, this vital forest landscape provides a clean water supply to millions of people, is home to iconic species found nowhere else on Earth, and acts as a vital carbon sink for the global climate. The survival of the Leuser Ecosystem is not only important to local communities who depend on it for their livelihoods, but also to the global community who recognizes its immense and irreplaceable value.

Despite its global importance, this natural treasure remains under threat from palm oil plantation expansion, mega energy projects, roads, poaching and other unsustainable policies. Your Green Vision recognizes the value of the Leuser Ecosystem and sets forth critical actions to protect it for future generations.

I encourage you to use your leadership to develop and implement this vision, with input from civil society, and secure permanent protections for the Leuser Ecosystem. As a core part of this plan, I urge you to include recognition of the Leuser Ecosystem in the Aceh Spatial Plan, to ensure enforcement of the national moratorium on palm oil development, and to cancel all mega infrastructure projects proposed inside the ecosystem such as the Tampur and Kluet hydro dams. Your cancellation of the Kappi geothermal project was a crucial first step to rolling out this Green Vision – thank you.

We believe, if enacted, your Green Vision will set a leading example for other provinces, and nations, for protecting the environment and following-through on national commitments to reduce climate emissions.

Thank you.

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