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The theme for this week is local and community impacts. The rainfall the ecosystem produces, and the clear rivers that run through it, provide millions of local people with clean drinking water as well as irrigation essential for subsistence farming, especially for the region’s most common source of livelihood: water-intensive rice cultivation.

Continued deforestation of the Leuser Ecosystem has begun to drastically change the region’s landscape, increasing the frequency and intensity of flooding and landslides during the wet season. As local communities lose their forest buffer, more people, homes and villages fall victim to environmental disasters every year. For many local communities, keeping the Leuser Ecosystem standing is a matter of life or death.

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Water is life. It’s one of the most important resources that flows from the Leuser Ecosystem. Roughly 5 million people living in the region rely on the Leuser for its clean drinking water.  #LoveTheLeuser

Learn more about the Leuser and join me in the movement to protect it at

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The Leuser Ecosystem is a lush and vibrant landscape, green as far as the eye can see. Millions of Acehnese and North Sumatran people depend on it for their food, water and livelihoods, and for protection against flooding and landslides. #LoveTheLeuser

Join me in the movement to protect the Leuser and learn more at

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Suggested Tweet 2 (click to Tweet): The Leuser Ecosystem: a crucial source of clean water for millions of people. #LoveTheLeuser

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#WaterIsLife. The Leuser Ecosystem is a crucial source of clean drinking water & livelihood for millions of people in Aceh & North Sumatra. Learn more and join the movement at

#LoveTheLeuser #nature #green #earth #sustainability #art #trees #environmental #wildlife #plants #conservation #climatechange #animals

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