Thank you for being part of the Love the Leuser Ecosystem movement! The theme for this week is climate change - as one of the largest intact forests in Southeast Asia, the Leuser Ecosystem is vital for storing atmospheric carbon and preventing further global climate change.

Your help in sharing the #LoveTheLeuser message far and wide is crucial as we work to make this special place too popular to destroy. Please see below for sample messages for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and scroll down to download a shareable graphic. You can use these as they are, or add your own message - just be sure to tag #LoveTheLeuser to help build this movement!

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Towering trees, lush ferns, an abundance of tropical plants, and swampy peatlands form the Leuser Ecosystem, making it a globally important carbon sink. Its intact forests regulate our global climate by absorbing carbon pollution and storing massive amounts of carbon. #LoveTheLeuser

Learn more about how the Leuser protects us and our planet from climate change at

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No matter where you are in the world, we all depend on the Leuser Ecosystem. It regulates the global climate by storing massive amounts of carbon in its peatlands and intact forests. When its rainforests and peatlands are destroyed from fires intentionally set for #ConflictPalmOil plantations, all of that stored carbon is released into the atmosphere, worsening the effects of climate change. #LoveTheLeuser

Find out more about the Leuser and join me in the global movement to protect it at

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No matter where you live in the world, we all depend on the Leuser Ecosystem. Learn more about why it matters and join the #LoveTheLeuser movement at

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