Act Now to Protect the Leuser Ecosystem

The latest major threat facing the Leuser Ecosystem is the proposed Lesten-Tampur hydrodam. Its 175 metre-high wall would hold millions of tonnes of water in a location known for earthquakes and tsunamis, placing 250,000 at risk of a man-made disaster.

This project would destroy habitat for Sumatran elephants and many other endangered species in one of the world’s most biodiverse rainforests. Sign this petition asking the Aceh and Indonesian governments to reconsider this misguided project!

To: The Aceh Government and the National Government of Indonesia

Millions of people in Aceh and North Sumatra depend on the clean, free-flowing rivers of the Leuser Ecosystem. Besides fresh drinking water, these rivers provide the irrigation essential for subsistence rice farming and fisheries, a critical source of livelihood.

The plan to build the Lesten-Tampur hydrodam—a 175 metre-high mega-dam—is a catastrophic project threatening communities and biodiversity and would destroy 4,000 hectares of endangered species habitat inside the Leuser Ecosystem; habitat that is protected under Indonesian national law by Presidential Decree and is designated as a National Strategic Area for its Environmental Protection Function.

With your consideration, we cannot put the lives of communities that depend on rivers flowing from the Leuser Ecosystem at risk by fast-tracking the development of the Lesten-Tampur hydrodam project.

The company seeking permission to build the hydrodam, PT. Kamirzu (a subsidiary of PT. Prosperity Indonesia, the Indonesian constituent of Hong Kong’s Prosperity International Holdings), is pressuring the Indonesian government to release a permit to utilize protected forest and to weaken legal protections for the Leuser Ecosystem in order to allow their destructive project to proceed.

I respectfully request that the Aceh Government and the National Government of Indonesia stand with local communities and organizations to defend the Leuser Ecosystem from irresponsible development and to fulfill your duties to uphold legal protections of the Leuser Ecosystem by stopping the Lesten-Tampur hydrodam disaster.

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