Love the Leuser Ecosystem

Building a Global Movement to Save a Global Treasure

The Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia is a world-class wonderland covering over 6.5 million acres of intact rainforest. It is a hotspot for biological diversity, a carbon storage powerhouse and the source of drinking water and agricultural livelihood for millions.

Yet this amazing place remains largely unknown to the world, a vulnerability it can no longer afford.



The pristine lowland jungles, lush peat swamps and cloud-shrouded mountain forests of the Leuser Ecosystem are some of the most ancient and life-rich landscapes ever documented. Millions of people depend upon these healthy and vibrant forests for survival. In fact, in a real way we all do, as the Leuser is also a globally important area for storing atmospheric carbon safely in the ground.

But the Leuser Ecosystem is under siege. Its vast forests are being quickly destroyed for quick profit, pushing its iconic wildlife species to the brink of extinction.

With your help, we have a plan to make the Leuser Ecosystem world famous to push companies and governments to follow through on their conservation commitments. But this plan depends entirely on your participation.

The Beating Heart of the Forest:

A Global Hotspot for Biological Diversity

The forests of the Leuser Ecosystem are alive with some of the most abundant and diverse plant and animal life known to science, a species diversity that includes at least 105 mammals, 382 birds, 95 reptiles and amphibians and over 8500 plants.

Competing Visions:

Leuser in the Balance

Millions of people in Aceh and North Sumatra depend on the clean flowing rivers of the Leuser Ecosystem. Besides fresh drinking water, these rivers provide the irrigation essential for subsistence rice farming, a critical source of livelihood in the region. But corruption and a drive for short term corporate profits threaten to upset this centuries old balance.

The Butterfly Effect:

Global Climate Consequences

Wherever you live, the Leuser Ecosystem provides a critical service for you too. As the flap of a butterfly’s wing can trigger a tornado a thousand miles away, the health of the Leuser Ecosystem is connected directly to the air we all breathe and the health of our shared climate.

$31,300,000,000 USD: Total nilai ekonomi untuk jasa lingkungan apabila Leuser dilindungi dengan utuh.
social share options Indonesia’s Burning Crisis: A Global Emergency. Peat fires lit to clear forest at times release more carbon pollution than the entire U.S. economy combined.


Groups that


Each of these groups support the protection of the Leuser Ecosystem and the services it provides to local and global communities.

FKL Sumatran Orangutan Society Wildlife Asia Orangutan Information Centre (OIC) Rainforest Action Network Canopy Forest, Nature and Environment of Aceh (HAkA) Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme Racing Extinction Walhi Aceh Yayasan Ekosistem Lestari (YEL) PanEco Oceanic Preservation Society SumOfUs Rainforest Rescue Climate Mama Fair World Project Forest Watch Indonesia USAID Lestari Hutan Itu Indonesia Indonesia Nature Film Society March Conservation Fund Monkey Business Orang-utans In Not E.V. Orangutan Veterinary Aid Prince Bernhard Nature Fund Save The Rhino International Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia Rainforest Alliance Goldman Prize Green America ALERT Rainforest Foundation Norway Orangutan Conservancy AVAAZ With Compassion & Soul Sumatra Environmental Education Concern Orangutan Outreach Synchronicity Earth SAVE Orangutans International Rhino Foundation Nature For Change Trademark of Stichting Greenpeace Council Palm Oil Consumer Action Mighty Forest Heroes Orangutan Land Trust Friends of the Earth US ARA Banktrack WWF Borneo Futures One More Generation WildEarth Guardians International Tree Foundation Environmental Paper Network Hutan Kita Institute OPPUK Link-AR Borneo Pusaka Indianapolis Zoo JMGR Philadelphia Zoo Walhi Jambi TuK Indonesia Rainforest Trust Proyecto Gran Simio Komunitas Pecinta Alam RAPALA Yayasan Penyelamatan dan Konservasi Harimau Sumatra (PKHS) Auckland Zoo
Paul Hilton Photography Orang Utan Republik Foundation Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Yayasan Peduli Orangutan Indonesia (YPOI) Sheep Indonesia Colony Musuh